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Child custody disputes are the most challenging aspect of divorce. Alabama has a legal preference for awarding parents joint custody. However, exceptions to joint custody are made when they serve the best interests of the child. At The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr, we work hard to protect your rights as a parent and your child's right to have you in his or her life. Whether you are seeking an initial custody determination or a custody modification, we will labor to reach a clear and defined agreement that is best for all parties involved. When an agreement cannot be reached, our Montgomery, Alabama child custody lawyer will aggressively pursue your child’s best interests in court.

What factors do Alabama courts consider when deciding on custody?

When determining which party should be granted custody, Alabama family law judges consider:

  • The best interest and welfare of the children
  • Fault of the parties
  • Character and conduct of each parent
  • Age and sex of the children
  • Past care and custody of the children
  • Economic conditions of the parents
  • Preference of the children of sufficient age and maturity
  • Agreement of the parents
  • Any other relevant factors

Alabama courts generally prefer joint custody arrangements. When deciding whether to grant joint custody, the courts analyze the factors above, as well as:

  • The agreement or lack of agreement of the parents on joint custody
  • The past and present ability of the parents to cooperate with each other and make decisions jointly
  • The ability of the parents to encourage the sharing of love, affection and contact between the child and other parent
  • Any history of or potential for child abuse, spousal abuse or kidnapping
  • The geographic proximity of the parents to each other as this relates to the practical considerations of joint physical custody

The court may award joint custody with or without the consent of both parties.

How to get child support payments

Parents or other legal custodians who have primary custody of a child can be eligible to receive child support payments from the child's other parent. In Alabama, parents are required by law to support their children until the child turns 19. Child support can be extended beyond that age to support a child who is mentally or physically disabled or to support a child’s college education. It is the duty of the court to decide the amount that the non-custodial parent is responsible to contribute for child support. The payments are based on the needs of the child and the ability of the parents to contribute to that support. If you need more information about child support eligibility or recovering past due child support payments, we are here to help.

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