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The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr
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  • The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr
  • The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr
  • The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr
  • The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr
  • The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr
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Practical and professional legal services for River Region families

Montgomery, AL Family Lawyer Offers Legal Guidance When You Need It the Most

A Montgomery law office characterized by compassion, skill, and integrity

The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr is devoted to helping Alabama’s River Region families find peace by providing practical and professional legal services. When you choose to become our client, you will experience caring service.  Our Montgomery family lawyer will strive to relieve any anxiety or pain that you may be experiencing. We consider ourselves trusted caretakers, and our attorney believes it is important to prevent our clients from ever being left in the dark about their legal matters. This firm is committed to ensuring that you understand each step of the legal process, and our attorney takes the time to answer all of your questions promptly. Our practice, which is located in the heart of downtown Montgomery, Alabama, serves the entire tri-county area.

A straightforward approach

If you hire a shark for a lawyer, you will find yourself the only one being bitten. The shark approach causes unnecessary hostility and interferes with a favorable resolution of a case. Our Montgomery, Alabama family attorney is not a shark, but a down-to-earth lawyer who can explain legal concepts in simple terms. We approach every matter with the goal of obtaining a fair and generous result for our client as efficiently as possible. This approach is designed to reduce your legal fees and prevent unwarranted family drama. However, you can rest assured that when aggressive tactics become necessary, our powerful and skilled Montgomery, Alabama lawyer will be ready and willing to fight for you. The hallmarks of our practice are:

  • Honor — Our founding attorney, Zackery L. Burr, has a reputation with lawyers and judges across the state as someone who means and does exactly what he says. Our staff follows suit. Our word is our bond. We do not slip things by people. We are forthright and up-front about fees, laws, expectations, and results.
  • Experience — We know the law and its latest developments. Our pleadings, agreements and efforts are thorough, well formulated and beyond reproach.  Our Montgomery lawyer thinks outside the box to provide the highest levels of family law, estate planning, and probate service.
  • Values — We put God first in our lives, followed by our families, our churches and this law firm. We wake up early, attend to our religious needs, exercise, eat healthy, read, keep abreast of cultural and legal developments, and endeavor to be excellent family and community members. While success is important, we do not let its pursuit compromise our integrity.

A practice dedicated to family

Our law firm is dedicated to services centered on the institution of family, which include:

  • Child custody Child custody is often the most contentious part of a divorce or separation, since it requires parties to agree to a satisfactory arrangement and establish a child support payment schedule. Our lawyer can help you reach an acceptable arrangement and negotiate post-divorce and post-separation modifications when necessary.
  • Adoption As with other states, adoption in Alabama can be a tedious process, but the end result is certainly worth the time and effort. One of the most fulfilling parts of our job is helping a child become part of a loving home. Our Montgomery lawyer can help you fulfill all adoption requirements, whether the adoptee is a minor or an adult.
  • Divorce We handle both contested and uncontested divorces throughout Alabama. We have extensive litigation and negotiation experience and will work hard to reach a favorable settlement for you.
  • Estate planning Planning for the distribution of your assets or the care for your minor children upon your death is something that many of us procrastinate, but it is necessary. Our Montgomery lawyer will explain your options to help you decide what is right for you and what will benefit your family.
  • Probate Upon death, most people’s estates must be probated, which is to say that they are distributed through supervision of a court. The probate process can be long and often requires the need for legal representation. We know that the loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult times for you and your family, and we will provide sensitive and caring support. Our Montgomery lawyer is here to help you and your family smooth out the probate process in order to have your lost loved one’s assets appropriately distributed.

Contact our Montgomery family lawyer for more information about family law services in the Montgomery, Alabama area

The Law Offices of Zackery L. Burr provides competent and compassionate legal services to Alabama communities. As a former public servant entrusted with the public’s wellbeing, Zackery L. Burr pledges the same integrity and dedication to you and your family when you entrust us with your case. If you need help with a family law, estate planning or probate issue in the Montgomery area, call us at 334.245.0725 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our downtown Montgomery, Alabama office. We accept all major credit cards, as well as checks and cash.